Ash glazed skin

Small bottle forms, made from clay and ash glazed with a spotted and textured surface like reptile skin.
small ash glazed bottles

These small contemporary forms are stoneware fired to c10. Polished with Diamond pads for a sleek finish. They suit any contemporary designed interior and sit nicely on a countertop display or window box.
I make work in small batches. This enables good workflow as studio time can be short. This group of bottles is currently on display at Terrace Floors and Furnishings Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, South Australia.
My production clay comes from Victoria. I also use some locally dug clay. Being very close to some quarries and brickworks. This clay has a very high iron content, so more useful for sculptural forms and larger wares for outdoors like plant pots or garden sculptures. Not so much your icecream bowl or dinner plate unless you like big black spots on them.
My ash is harvested from the fireplace. I use redgum and also wood from the garden’s fruit trees, such as apple or plum wood. I prefer to use it unwashed as it gives a much richer surface and is more likely with the fluxing glazes to create nice runs on the surface of the pot.